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A pungent stench surface as a robust pressure takes management… Evil incarnate. Their obsessive coaching rituals and sickening brainwashing practices have grown to be aggravated. They chant “Purge the scum! Crush the weak!” till daylight. Harmless lives are taken at a daunting tempo and once-loyal troopers flip to the darkish as a barbaric military rapidly beneficial properties energy.

Solely a courageous Commander can forge a singular Warpath to freedom and justice! Prepare your troopers and equip your military with highly effective models match to tackle Raven. It’s your name—you’re in command. The technique is essential.


# Your Personal Military #
Max out your models! Lock and cargo your favorite WW2 arsenal and set up a military able to wage conflict on a world battlefield. Customize your models by assembling, disassembling, modifying, and upgrading weapons of your alternative. Choose your infantry, tanks, artillery, tank hunters, and rocket launchers…. limitless battle arrays unite with every battle.

# International Alliances #
Be part of warriors around the globe! Unleash your technique concentrating on enemies. Transfer your bases to construct, occupy strategic locations, and increase your territory. Reign supreme over the battlefield so you may achieve power and mount extra forces in opposition to hostile targets.

# Seamless PVP Fight #
Continuous motion! Work together with clean mechanics and gestures, sending every one of your models in impartial instructions, attacking adversaries with the most pressure. Be part of your allies and goal enemies with suppressive hearth.

# Historic Campaigns #
Genuine campaigns delivered to live! This time you command your models, sending them by way of rugged terrain and concrete landscapes to trace down and defeat the enemy. You’ll meet allies alongside how you make the interplay extra dynamic as you full goals and transfer on to more difficult missions.

# Partaking Storyline #
Tantalizing plot! Every chapter takes a unique route, with an attractive plot coupled with cinematic gameplay. As you unlock new options, you get to see extra dialogues alongside how.

# Charming Characters #
Every function provides private contact! The gorgeous Adjutant Percy, the seasoned Jack Spanner, fierce White Wolf, seductive spy Bloody Mary, muscular Artillery Commander The Eruptor, the caring Angel of Mild and dignified Guardian of Fact—they’re all right here so that you can lead models of your alternative. Don’t neglect to go to battle-hardened Aussie Sergeant Ned Taylor, to open chests and purchase new models.

# Breathtaking Landscapes #
Beautiful and various maps! Discover the terrain and use it to your benefit, whether or not it’s snowfields in a blizzard, mountains glistening within the solar, or river crossings and bridges, select your path and revel in recent surroundings. Zoom out and in rapidly and teleport to completely different cities around the globe along with your allies.

Have you ever received what it takes to battle Raven and liberate nations around the globe? Will your military overcome and can your techniques work? Every day brings new campaigns, Officers, allies, models, and fight goals. Large Rewards are earned and your base buildings stand taller and achieve sturdiness. Scout the territory, harvest sources, unlock extra tanks, work together with extra allies, transfer to new cities around the globe, and name on covert specialists and arms professionals to assist your calling.

Commander! Your troopers await their orders!

Fb: https://www.fb.com/PlayWarpath/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/playwarpath
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHX2nNL33q24VrJdGFwjTgw


  • Pretty good game. The mechanics, gameplay and so much more are well executed. The controls could use a bit of reworking just to improve combat functionality. The game is still a bit but nothing game-breaking. The developers are working on them though and with each update, I see less and less. The game does tip the scales in favor of P2W players but all games in this genre do. I definitely recommend this game even if you’re F2P.
  • I have been playing this for about 2 days and I like the game more than most games. The quick upgrades that don’t take time but just time to gather the resources is a refreshing addition. I like the combat style and the way you have to focus on gathering parts and such to upgrade the quality of your troops and not building a lot of troops to be strong. Alliance participation is needed to be strong and have fun. CON- It seems after my game installed an update I can’t log in now. Ongoing issue.
  • The animations are so well made and beautiful, there’s no cash really needed to win, the game has the most balanced mechanics compared to all similar games, and the best thing is you will never get zeroed even you lose a war or some. if you could find a suitable alliance for you, you won’t get bored as you’ll have a chance to chat with other members all day long. Compared to RoK? This game is way more beautiful and enjoyable than GG Lilith, just make sure to advertise better.
  • The game as far as I have played creates an atmosphere of a game such as War and Order, and games alike, but places control of unit numbers and power over to the player rather than a programmed number in-game. This game isn’t perfect by any means, there are some parts of the system such as discovering the map that makes the game repetitive, unit control while in battle is a bit confusing for first-time players, and the AI of some units acts uncharacteristically to its design role.

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