Rush Hour 3D MOD (Free Shopping)

Rush Hour 3D MOD (Free Shopping)

Download The Latest Apk Version of Rush Hour 3D MOD, An Racing Game For Android. This MOD Includes Free Shopping. Download Yours Now!

Benefit from the driving expertise with the most lifelike method now!

Drive quick and overtake.
Strive to not stumble upon different vehicles whereas driving.
Take a look at completely different automotive fashions to get numerous emotions.

Fasten your seat belt and prepare to drive!


  • The graphics are ok. Very limited controls. But when you finish a level and are asked to collect your reward or watch an ad for double, ok, I’ll watch a video if my reward is higher, but it’s very frustrating to have an ad pop up when you just hit collect and have to watch a 30-second video after each level that only takes less than 15 seconds to complete. Uninstalling out of greed from the developers.
  • The game lags so much. And is it really necessary to have an advert after every attempt at a level? So if I crash I have to watch yet another advert, and half of them you can’t skip. I’m watching ads more than I’m playing the game.
  • 1.) you mine as well pay 3$ to play because there are too MANY ADS. 2). the game lags a little bit after crashing and restarting the race 3). THERE’S NOT ENOUGH CARS/ TRUCKS IN THE GAME. 4). the extra vehicles you can buy are not worth the time because they are all worse than the first vehicle you start with. 5). not even worth the time. 6). even if you buy the no ads, you still have to watch a 30-second ad if you don’t want to restart the level after you crash 😡😡😡😡. I GOT RIPED OFF
  • Great game! Very addictive right from the start. I knew I was going to purchase the ad-free version after just a few minutes of playing. Very simple controls and great graphics. Edit: I removed 2 stars after playing a couple of weeks. There are no longer any missions showing up and every time I start the game, it spams me with a VIP membership screen (which is $4.99 per week). The lack of missions makes the game a little boring and they just want you to become a VIP.
  • This game is definitely in the “didn’t know my phone could do this” level of the game. Incredibly simple yet very addicting and fun. It’s simple, try to get to the finish line bypassing other cars (by using the opposite lane that other cars are coming right at you in). The game is very easy at first then harder later, and sometimes the cars flip out (and bug around a Lil, but I personally think it adds to it lol). Hey, I promise you won’t be disappointed!
  • When I play a game that takes a lot of my time, I need a game to take a break with, and this might be it. Press to speed and overtake, dodge traffic, outrun cops( you’ll see ). This game is what U need to take a break. It’s good, trust me. Download and keep your finger on the button until you need to slow down. PS. Comment about it being silly with one button press for the game. True, one button. Soo much enjoyment from a game that needs U to press.
  • this is the best game I ever played. I have played many card games but I get bored with them, but this is marvelous. I never expected this much. there are many cars and levels. the graphics are awesome. the music given is so nice so that we tend to drive the car smoothly. there are no ads. whoever created this game, ‘thank you so much for the wonderful game’
  • The game is great, very visually pleasing, and fun! The handling on the cars is buggy if you get going really fast in the left lane. There are some points when it would be super advantageous to speed up in the right lane, but that is just a nitpick. There is an ad after every level is completed and I’d they are usually 30-second ads. I can’t let ads be a burden on such a fun game. Five stars.
  • I would probably love this game if I could have better control over vehicles’ movements. Going to the left lane is easy enough but not back to the right lane. I’ve tried much time for steering control and have it only to go into the left lane. But not back into the right lane. Thought it might be me or my phone. It’s not. My download doesn’t work correctly. As I have said, it would be a great game otherwise. I’m deleting this app and try reinstalling it again in hopes that it fixes.

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