Impossible Space – A Hero In Space MOD (Free Shopping)

Impossible Space – A Hero In Space MOD (Free Shopping)

Download The Latest Apk Version of Impossible Space – A Hero In Space MOD, A Action Game For Android. This MOD has Free Shopping. Download Now!

Discover dozens of planets with tons of ranges to seek out your manner using the unattainable ugly house.
It’s not some random bow land, it’s the IMPOSSIBLE SPACE!

Unlock new weapons and autofire talents to turn out to be stronger, sooner, and far more deadly to kill all of the monsters and robots which are lurking in the house and out to get you!
Shoot your manner using the terrifying boss monsters which are simply ready to fulfill you head to head and cease your struggle for freedom!

And keep in mind, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

👾 A whole bunch of ranges, every one with its distinctive monsters and weapons

🎯 Improve your character abilities to turn out to be the house freedom fighter all of us want

🔫 A whole bunch of assorted weapons, every one with its personal talents

🛡️ It a certainly one of a form tools system that makes it simpler to improve all warrior gear and customize your good fighter

🎲 Designed for each new gamers within the style and hardcore shooter recreation gamers

He isn’t a daily archer, a tank hero, or an arcade hunter, he’s a laser capturing beast with some severe firepower.


  • This game has so much potential. What’s really hurting it is there is no way to save the game externally. So, you reset your device, get a new one or the like and you lose all of your progress. Also, there just aren’t many options. There’s no log in bonus. One or two chests to spend in-game money on. I think these are the two biggest hurdles. I hope they fix these issues soon.
  • Lots of fun with some great ideas. But, it has a long way to go before they balance everything to make multiple effective play styles. No matter what your gear or meta is you will always do best if you aim for multiple projectiles, bounce, homing if not using lasers, ricochet, and split. It clears rooms far too easily and the first three abilities together kill bosses the quickest. I really want to see more elemental damage and unique mechanics to separate radiation from the fire. Cryo is useless.
  • Ok, so I had this game since it dropped last year in beta. I tested it. Then it was great. Well, balanced and good rewards. Not hard but not easy either. Now it’s IMPOSSIBLE to play. 1st 2 levels are great then the grind begins. Man, it should not be this hard and frustrating to play. And let’s be real it’s a lot of these types of games out here. Come on Mr developers give us something good at least to start with. I almost want to uninstall this because I feel like u did that on purpose.
  • One big issue is the difficulty progression vs character progression. All I have at Fomorian the third planet are gloves, a bracelet, and a nonupgraded basic shotgun. That only makes it harder cause if difficulty increases like this with each planet and you barely have any stuff it will get pretty hard almost to an unplayable state unless you have the equipment to help you and get lucky with level-up skills. Also, the map dangers shouldn’t deal damage or should be deactivated after a level is done.

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