FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper MOD (Unlimited Gems)

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper MOD (Unlimited Gems)

Download The Latest Apk Version of FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper MOD, A Role-Playing Game For Android. This MOD has Unlimited Gems. Download Now!

RELIVE your favorite FINAL FANTASY moments in FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper!
Struggle along with your favorite FINAL FANTASY heroes, battle using basic FINAL FANTASY moments, restore the misplaced reminiscences, and save the world as soon as once more.


Basic Scenes Reborn in Pixel Type
– Midgar, Zanarkand, Cocoon…the Record Dungeons comprise full pixel artwork remakes of a number of the most iconic settings in FINAL FANTASY historical past, enabling you to lose your self among the many Story Information of adventures previous.
– Expertise a completely new story with authentic characters designed by Tetsuya Nomura, together with Tyro, Elara, and the Shadowsmith.

Heroes from All through FINAL FANTASY
– Cloud, Tidus, Lightning, Noctis…the heroes who saved numerous worlds. And standing in opposition to them, Sephiroth, Seifer, Kefka, and the unforgettable villains of FINAL FANTASY.
– Greater than 200 detailed characters await! Create your individual dream celebration of heroes hand-picked from all through the historical past of the collection.

Relive the Unique Tales in Battle
– Do battle within the basic FINAL FANTASY Lively Time Battle system. Cross Slash, Thunderfall, Explosive Fist, Meteor, Bahamut…
– Use Soul Breaks, skills, and summons to reclaim the Battle Information.

All Your Favourite Music in One Place
– The famed music of FINAL FANTASY stirs reminiscences of battles in distant lands. Many of those tunes are reborn in new FFRK authentic preparations.
– Go to the Music Corridor to hearken to your Music Information every time you like. Then choose your favorites to accompany you in your journey using the realms of FINAL FANTASY.

Multiplayer with Your Pals
– Get pleasure from multiplayer that helps as many as four gamers. Use authentic stamps to speak along with your allies as you forge a method to work collectively and takedown lethal foes.

Episode 1

– In an excellent kingdom that thrives on the concord between magic and artwork, epic tales of valor and hope have been handed from one era to the subsequent.
– The information of those nice chronicles uphold the peace and prosperity of all civilization. The dominion sealed this information inside work, to safeguard the stability of the world.
– That’s till, without warning, the information throughout the work started to fade away… Darkness fell upon the world, bringing disaster and damage.
The time has come so that you can save the dominion’s future.

Episode 2

– Tyro has restored the Battle Information held within the work, defending the world from a horrible menace from the past. Now as their investigation continues, they uncover ominous magic emanating from mysterious Corrupted Work. However, these works don’t maintain Battle Information just like the others.
– These new works maintain Story Information chronicling the adventures of nice heroes from throughout the realms.


– A bunch of memorable moments is known as out from FINAL FANTASY!
– FINAL FANTASY VII: Lead AVALANCHE in opposition to Shinra, and unravel Sephiroth’s plans…
– FINAL FANTASY VIII: Take your home within the elite group SeeD, and recruit the highly effective Guardian Forces…
– FINAL FANTASY X: Battle Sin, and uncover the mysteries of the misplaced metropolis of Zanarkand…
– FINAL FANTASY XIII: Stand up in opposition to the fal’Cie, and uncover the true historical past of the world of Pulse…
– And lots of, many extra…

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  • FF:ELEC (Final Fantasy: Endless Loading + Error Crashes) Great game when it actually does work. But load times are ridiculously long (and always have been), and lately, it’s been experiencing constant errors that make progress impossible. The nostalgia of FF is the main thing that carried it this far for me. But even that is no longer enough. The undeniable fact is the developers haven’t bothered to make this app function decently even after the many years they’ve had to do it. And that’s sad.
  • I love this game and have been playing it on and off. All the times I’ve stopped playing it were because I got tired of the long loading screens which sometimes just get stuck. I wish developers would focus on fixing this somehow because the game itself is probably the best I’ve played on mobile. There’s so much content nowadays, but I can’t even get past my dailies because of the loading screens.
  • I personally love it. You can choose whatever characters you like to create the party of your dreams, it’s not difficult to navigate, and it’s definitely fair as a free game. You can pay but it won’t boost you a whole lot more than if you just put some time into it.
  • Love the game. But lately, it seems like I can’t access anything after I finished a quest and have to restart the game to be able to access the menu. It’s really annoying, please fix it asap.

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