Draw Coliseum MOD (Unlimited Money)

Draw Coliseum MOD (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest Apk Version of Draw Coliseum MOD, An Action Game For Android. This MOD has Unlimited Money. Download Now!

Draw a blade for spinning top and fight the opponent!
How creative can you be?
Victory depends on your drawing skill!

Clash your opponent!
Claim fight money to upgrade speed, power, and ink for the blade of your spinner!
Win through the tournament and become the Champion!
Unlock new secret skins and more…

Super fun and thrilling spinning top battle game!


  • The same complaint as most games, adds. The way ads should work in a game is that the player should want to watch ads for the benefit, which you’ve done to some extent, but if you do that, you shouldn’t have mandatory ads, or at the very least, not every single game. I’ve seen games done like this, no mandatory adds but heaps of ways that add can help you improve in the game, its really a very simple concept, you get revenue, we don’t get pissed off.
  • Fun but broken ads, it’s a nice game to play when you are bored and has no wifi and the mechanics are simple but the ads I hate come after around and they break if you do something small. Anyway, the game is fun and I really recommend the game.
  • This game is a ZERO star absolute garbage but I still enjoy it but sometimes this games RUINS my day why do u go flying in the air make us fight real Beyblades and not garbage op AI who I hit with so much force but they don’t get hit back at all instead it’s ME who gets launched back make better maps the maps are too small oh and also add actual real Beyblades from it and make ur arsenal of Beyblades bigger not being 9 like 20 plz and lastly FIX UR GAME
  • The dev only created this game to get money off of ads he/she doesn’t care about the ratings or our satisfaction with the game, they made this game to force people to watch ads every 20 seconds, and the ads last 30 to 50 seconds each. I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME ITS NOT EVEN THAT FUN ANYWAYS. 0/5 STARS.

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